The best tool for an ecommerce

There is no perfect e-commerce solution, but solutions tailored to the specific configuration of each project, on the basis of needs that must be defined before choosing. And of course, depending on the financial resources of the company. To answer the question of the best ecommerce tool, take the time to know these famous needs (it does not take 30 seconds, or 30 minutes, but several hours), which can be defined with respect to some criteria:

- The profile of the company / project: what are the skills, the maturity level of e-commerce / e-marketing of the project's leader, his ambitions? Is it about an online store for an self-entrepreneur ? Or e-commerce site for an average company that wants to develop a new direct sales channel? Etc. At each case, is a different response, you can imagine that these people do not all work with the same tools.

- The number of products to manage catalog (hundreds or thousands?). In terms of management in the back office and technical infrastucture, this can make a big difference.

- Marketing tools: you just do some merchandising, or you must synchronize a complete customer relationship management?

- Product specifications and target market. Is the product easy to "sell" online, or is it complex, so this will require information tools, customer relationship tools? Are they physical products and virtual products (services, downloadable documents, etc.)?

- The financial means. A candidate having many web marketing skills, but little budget can not afford an e-commerce platform to its ambitions. Opposite situation, don't advise an expensive solution to implement in a person who has the means to pay, but has neither the need nor the skills to fully exploit its potential. Technological underinvestment is a mistake that can have serious consequences for the proper development of a website, as far as could be over-investment. Immobilize financial resources in tools that are not operated, it is damaging to the business, especially at startup.

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