Les solutions de la formule Magento

At the beginning, the Magento range consisted of 3 integration products, the CE, PE and EE versions, for Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. Also, a "general public" SaaS product. The versions differed in several respects. But all were built "above" the CE.

Magento 2, the number one e-commerce platform

Now available in Community, Enterprise, and Cloud, Magento 2 is a high-performance e-commerce platform that can compete with SaaS and proprietary E-commerce solutions with much more flexibility for far more optimized investments.
With the new version Magento 2, available in CE, Enterprise Edition, Cloud Edition, or Magento OMS, the US publisher covers most merchant needs and targets particularly high traffic platforms, international projects and Omnicanal issues .
This new version of Magento takes advantage of a completely new component-oriented architecture to simplify and better isolate specific developments. The front and back end benefit from the latest technological innovations. Magento 2 now enjoys the remarkable performance of PHP7. Also, Composer's standard integration at the heart of this new architecture facilitates development, deployments, etc.
Magento 2 now offers, as a standard, Community and Enterprise version, a Full Page Cache system exploiting Varnish with formidable performance. The engine of indexing has been completely redesigned, in a big-data spirit, for data volumetries and important performances. The architecture has been studied for a maximum of scalability: it is therefore possible to separate the front and back office spaces so as to carry out without heavy operations even during the sales period. It is also possible to separate, on different MySQL instances, the data model so as to exploit the full potential of multi-server and cloud infrastructures by offering impressive scalability capabilities. Performance monitoring is now possible as a standard by using JMeter to simulate the behavior of several users acting simultaneously.

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