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Do you know alt+text for SEO ?

The web world can not be put aside and underestimated if we are to get ahead of the competition. To understand this world, it will be important to create a website that will interact directly with users. Of course, this creation will be only the first step, but will not be the only important process. Clearly, once the site is created, it will have to be more efficient and effective website is seen by the flow of Internet users that brings. To reach this goal, it will make the website as visible as possible, and this is where SEO is his essence.

SEO: general

Clearly, SEO or SEO is the art of stand out in the digital war. Once ror developers have created a functional site and 2.0, SEO will ensure that the site in question is easily found by Internet users when searching on search engines. Its use will raise the site among the top results of search engines like Google. The advantage of SEO is that it will cost nothing while the result will be very important. It goes without saying that SEO is subject to several conditions, but it can be used easily and all provided to know the basics.

The Alt+text

You should know that Google continuously scan each site in order to provide the best experience for users. The algorithms it uses analyze the quality of the content of each site to know the writings, titles or articles published on social networks. Of course, the images also pass this process, but differently. Clearly, for the images are also used for SEO, it is important to describe using words. This is the same principle of Alt Text and Alternative Text. Alts these texts will obviously not visible to users, but for search engines that will give it much attention. The benefits of this approach will be that Google will index the visual content of the website for a better ranking and more Google and its counterparts will ensure that these images are included in the search results.

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