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Developing on Magento, what can I do for SEO?

It is routine to create websites especially for commercial enterprises. This step is very important, but it is not everything. Indeed, after the establishment will manage and it goes without saying that good management is witnessing flawless results regardless of the field. For websites, the most used management tool is magento. This tool has many attractions as well the creation of online shops on their management and even their effectiveness or SEO. Indeed, a site must be visible to be efficient and effective website is a website that product. It will be important to know everything on that to fully understand the concept.

Magento: generalities

Clearly, Magento is a content management software for e-commerce sites. This software has been performed with the Zend framework too. The magento development allows to create e-commerce sites and easily manage them very extensive way. This will involve management at all levels of the site starting with the refinement of sheets and catalogs to the commands. There are many advantages of this tool, but the most recurrent is probably the fact that it is multi-boutique. Clearly, the use of magento will effectively manage all e-commerce sites with a single administrative interface. It will be possible to effectively manage all e-commerce sites at once or manage them one by one.

SEO with magento

Among the list of advantages of Magento, it has the facility of SEO. Sites created with magento will therefore be directly effective thereafter. To improve the reference with magento so, we can use the basic tricks. Above all, it will be possible to achieve good results in de-indexing content from layouts. Disabling the option "use the path of the category for products" will also be a good alternative. Of course, it will be possible to prohibit access to certain directories in robots.txt. SEOGento The extension will also be a good choice. Otherwise, adding a canonical URL on each page is a good choice too.

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