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How to works with Magento ?

To date, Magento is placed top of the list as a leader in the management of e-commerce sites. It is not uncommon on the web, we meet several new or old commercial sites but have no reputation or credibility to its competitors. There is the role of Magento, the software manages and allows traders to customize their site and show just like he always wanted to show.

History Magento

After only three and a half years on the market, the founders Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner have achieved the impossible. The product they have designed and placed on the market has been very successful. Magento has become the leader in integration framework in the world, but after this short time, this software is redeemed by a large firm that is Ebay for a sum equivalent to $ 180 million. Continuing its rise, a site 5 is seen to be developed around this software. This has allowed other players in the e-commerce domain want to grow or launch. After resale at eBay, its designers continue to develop the software. Magento has since the success of several sites Framework.

The ranges and products available

Working with this software is simple. It is also composed of 3 distinct integration products, including the EC or community edition, the PE or professional edition version finally EE or enterprise edition. All these versions differ in their aspects though all are built around the EC. The PE version grant users additional features compared to the CE version, while the EE version, and the premium version allows the addition of a feature panel to the needs of traders. All Community modules are present although the publisher has reserved one of the native functionality. In magento development, the enterprise version has encountered certain difficulties in its growth. Indeed, the developers have noticed a lack of responsiveness while this criterion is important in the development of an e-commerce site. To flagrant deficit level, the software has filled the gap through a more efficient process in a good improvement.

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