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How to develop ecommerce ?

The e-commerce market is in full development thanks to the multiple platforms that make it easy to create its own online shop. However, it is necessary to have skills in various fields (logistics, referencing communication, customer management, etc.) in order to distinguish themselves and attract an ever-increasing number of clients. So, if you have an idea of ​​online shop, read carefully the following which will allow you to avoid the obstacles that mark the creation of an e-commerce site.

Three advantages make ecommerce a good solution for business creators

  • The cost: the investment for an e-commerce site is very far from that of a real classic shop. Allow an investment of about 10 000 euros to get a professional site of quality.
  • Visibility: the difficulty to stand out among the very large number of competing websites is one of the main dangers for an online business. However this risk is also the great strength of this activity because it allows to reach a much wider clientele than a traditional shop.
  • Cost flexibility: The costs for an e-commerce company are considerably reduced: marketing, customer service, inventory management, etc. This allows e-shops to offer products at attractive prices.

Develop your ecommerce with Magento

Magento offers an unprecedented flexibility and control over the appearance and content of an online store. Indeed, this open source solution greatly facilitates the design and development phases of the website, allowing to create the shop quickly and at low cost. The platform is ideal for sites with thousands or even tens of thousands of products, but it does just as well for smaller sites.

The web agency Gentflow is an expert in creating e-commerce sites with Magento. Its expertise in ecommerce development involves the realization of high-traffic e-commerce boutiques, as well as e-commerce development tailor-made. Whether you are embarking on e-commerce for a large-scale project or simply for a small online shop, Magento meets your needs.

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