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Develop your website without any problem !

It goes without saying that the creation of website is a very important step in order to reap the benefits of the web. Commercial enterprises will necessarily go through this process if they want to take market share from the competition. Of course, during this creative work, the tools will be important and will be effective. This is the case of ruby ​​on rails is part of the most used in the website creation tools. It is even popular with startups and this is easily explained by its many benefits. Knowing perfectly all these advantages will better adopt thereafter.

Ruby on rails: the perfect tool

Clearly, ruby ​​on rails or ror is a framework making use of the Ruby language to develop web applications. It was therefore especially designed for web application developers. The Ruby language is object-oriented and both multi paradigm, open source and multiplatform. Ruby on Rails is based on two fundamental bases namely DRY or Do not repeat Yourself which will have élèments application to a single location. After that, there is the convention over configuration that will work faster because it will not be necessary to detail the work for ruby ​​on rails ror or meets specific conventions. Otherwise, we note a number of advantages with this tool too.

The advantages of ror

You should know that the ruby ​​on rails developer have chosen this framework through its many benefits. Above all, ror will provide a good project structure for better organization of the latter. Thereafter, one can easily make migration in order to change the structure and the content of the database. Admittedly ror also has an interesting ORM is active record. This will generate the code needed to make CRUD or Create, Read, Update, Delete. Otherwise 3 specific environments will also come with the use of ror. This will provide a specified work whilst being simple. Of course, security will be at the appointment. Therefore we will not fear conventional attacks. A javascript library will also be waiting for you with the use of ror. It goes without saying that the covers and the testes are also possible with this tool.

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