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Complicated ROR ? Not so much !

The Websites currently fuse to attract Internet users since almost everyone is currently connected. So easily explain why it is important to design an effective website and most innovative especially when one is a commercial enterprise. Of course, when creating, several tools are available and offer quality results and one of them is ruby ​​on rails. This is, moreover, very popular in the field of startups and this is easily explained by its many benefits. He will go when self even know the concept well before it could be used well.

ROR bases

When we talk about ruby ​​on rails or ror, note that this is a framework designed with the ruby ​​language. It is therefore a framework with an object oriented language, multi-platform and especially open source. thus use ror to develop web applications. Many of its benefits, but the most convincing is that its production is simply unbeatable. With ror, we can create a website in minutes as a blog that will be at the rate of 62 lines of code. This efficiency and practicality so this shows the reason for its increased use in startups. Of course, several other advantages make ruby ​​on rails an essential tool in the field of website creation. These are all attractions that make it a must now.


There are other benefits that will bring ror for developers. Above all, it should be noted that ror will provide a very good structure against the project for a perfect organization. Ror also will make migration to the changing content and the content of the database to be more agile. We can also handle very easily database with Active Record ORM of ror. The scaffold option will also generate code for CRUD or Create, Read, Update, Delete. 3 specific environments also come with ror to provide impeccable quality of work. Obviously, the sécurté will also await you as basic protections come with ror. One can also find a javascript library supplied with ror.

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