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Why Community managers like Ruby on Rails development ?

The web world is a separate world and has a lot of specificity. In this sense, it is important to take into account to be able to interact perfectly with the digital world. To do this, it will be necessary to design websites and during this process, tools will necessarily point the tip of his nose. One of the most used by the community managers is ruby ​​on rails that has many advantages tools.

Knowing ruby ​​on rails at first

Knowing ruby ​​on rails is the first step towards his apprehension. Be aware that a ruby ​​on rails developer chooses this option due to the fact that it has good numbers of benefits. Its use is simple while offering unique and flawless results. Clearly, ruby ​​on rails or ror is an open source framework written in the Ruby language. It is based on two basic principles. Above all, there is the DRY or do not repeat yourself. With this principle, the elements of the application will be centered as possible. With the MVC architecture and metaprogramming that this will be possible. Next, there is the convention over configuration that will work fast since the programming will follow the convention of bases. It will no longer need to focus on setting since all follow a specific agreement.

What benefits?

With ruby ​​on rails, everything will go in the same direction of production. The latter will be greatly increased in order to develop functional and unique sites. In this sense, the advantages of ror are focused specifically to this increased production. Above all, ror will provide a good structure to face each project. This will have a good work organization. Also, migration will be possible with a view to changing the structure. With Active Record function, the database can be handled effectively. Ror also has the scaffolding function that will make or CRUD Create, Read, Update, or Delete. Also, ruby ​​on rails provide three specific environments when working to specify the better job.

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