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Ruby is available in the client and server versions of MAC OS

The development tools are numerous on the current market. The specificities of each development tool make the tool in question its rarity. One of the tools most used currently is ROR and it has a very good rating among startups. It is the many advantages of this tool that make its odds and the fact that it is available on both client side and server side on the operating system MAC OS is part of the list of its advantages.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Clearly, ruby ​​on rails or ror is a framework developed with rubysavvy ​​language. It is also open source and is therefore accessible to all ruby ​​on rails developers. Also, it was designed based on two fundamental principles namely the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself as well as the convention over configuration. You should know that everything has been done so that ror quickly develops efficient and unique sites. Also, the advantages of ror are numerous and go in the direction of quality development. First of all, there is the possibility of structuring the project so to have a better management of work. Migration will also be possible so that the content of the database can evolve nicely. The Active Record as well as the Scaffolding will offer advantages of alternatives to better manage the data. Ror will also put forward 3 specific environments guaranteeing a well-developed development work. Of course, caches, the ability to do tests and security will be part of the list of benefits with ror.

ROR: client side and servers

Clearly, a client-side language is a language with an architecture interacting directly with clients. As for the server side language, its code will run directly on a server in order to generate HTML. On the MAC OS version, these two possibilities will be at the rendezvous with ror. We will see some communication between them. First, on the client side, the developers will gauge everything about the display and the data entry and as for what is on the server side, we will have the specific processing in relation to the data retrieved.

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