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Our specialized Php development company

PHP (officially, this acronym is a recursive acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general purpose open source scripting language, specially designed for web application development. It can be easily integrated with HTML. More than just a computer specialist who only responds to you when you have a problem, our interventions take place in logic of understanding your job. We learn your profession in the field, thanks to the integration of our staff to your team.

PHP Expertise

Our knowledge of the PHP language and Web development techniques lead us to offer our services to IT departments of companies in the framework of resource requirements on a project, training new employees, launching new projects (help with technological choices) and expertise on a project in progress. These scripts can also be used to perform operations on text files. You can also write very portable applications with this language.

What are the skills of a Php Developer?

The PHP developer generally masters the 4 open source software, known by the acronym LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), essential to create dynamic websites at the forefront of the Web. He is comfortable with the architecture of information systems and the web architecture, XML and XHTML. He has an operational mastery of object-oriented programming (OOP, OOP), Ajax ... The HTML and the main CMS of the market obviously have no mystery for him. The php development company has to know how to use PHP outlines more and more used for the development of more complex site (like Zend or Symfony).

Qualities of Php Developer: what are the qualities to be Php Developer?

The PHP developer must first learn and master the measures and methods of ongoing developments in the production atmosphere of the company. One of the qualities and skills of the most important PHP developer is a good understanding of the needs of the marketing project manager with whom he is often in relationship or in a team. Project management must also be one of his skills because it will be necessary, not necessarily to develop schedules, but to follow them and understand how its involvements and deadlines can impact other investors on a project.

We are here to meet your needs in the long term and not just occasionally. From the analysis of your needs to the design of your customized solution, our team supports you in the reflection of your strategic choices.

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