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Click here to find out about website protection

You can’t have a website in a bad protection, and surely, it exposed your business online in a bad position. You had to be informed about the system protection website nowadays.

You have to choose a quality host

You have to look for your website if you want to see evolution to your business. Now, many websites are exposed to a hacker attacked. We are feed up about this unprotection of our confidential information, and we are in a disagreeable position in front of this. If you want to protect your website, you have to choose your host server in a high quality. About this, KoDDoS gives you the best solution to avoid hackers. You can click here to get more information about his offers and to choose the plan that is better for you.

You have to work on anonym identity

When you are in a host server with the high level, you have a remote position to control your server. So, you have to change some profile inside, by changing your name as the admin, just show another name that hacker thinks that it is the client. The explication is clear, because all hackers is able to enter on your admin dashboard, they will be lost with all the position of your email staff, because no one is the leader. After you made a change, please disconnect about 3 seconds and reconnect to verify if the modification is correct.

You have to upgrade your website

When there are some plugins that available to your website, you have to upgrade this. Many professional hosts already have this system to reboot, or to upgrade all your application automatically in 48 hours. It is important to do it, and you have to inform your client about this, but normally, it will not disturb any function of your website if you are a professional administrator. Don’t be a mingy to spend money and buy a theme even your WordPress give it free, and to make a regular back a security measure.

And the last one is to learn about the protection of your file and blocked all persons that may have access to it except you.

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