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11 Steps to Increase Conversions on Your Website: Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make more money?

Then magento development is the way for you. Magento is a powerful open-source ecommerce platform that has been used by many businesses to increase their sales and revenue. With magento, it's easy to create your own store with hundreds of features and tools available in the magento admin panel. Some of these features include SEO optimization, product management, content management, customer loyalty programs, social media integration and much more! If you're interested in learning how magento can help your business grow - read this post now!

These are a few magento development tips to increase conversions:

- Be sure your website is mobile friendly. Visitors want the convenience of purchasing items on their smartphones so make sure your site loads quickly and looks sharp from any screen size.

- Include social media links in key locations throughout your site, like at the bottom of every paragraph your social media profile links.

- Use magento's gift registry feature at your store to create a sense of urgency and reward visitors for signing up for the registry. Visitors will see that their friends are buying gifts so they'll feel compelled to buy one as well in order to not be left out!

- Check your magento site thoroughly with SEO tools like Google Search Console, Site Scan or Semrush before launching it live on the internet. You want people finding you online without having to google "magento developer."

- Create a custom magento theme based off an industry standard design rather than relying on free ones which may have outdated code or buggy features. This way you can customize colors, fonts and style elements just how you'd like themm the colours are going to play a huge role in "converting" magento shoppers, so it's worth the investment.

- Create custom magento extensions for your business to take advantage of any magento functionality which may have been left out by default with free magento developer SEO tools or newsletter signups

- Test and optimize all on page elements including headings, links, images and form fields to make sure they're working properly before launching into full release mode. A great tool is Google Analytics which will show you how long visitors are staying on pages (bounce rate), where they stop reading/clicking through (exit intent) as well as what keywords bring them back to your site again and again!

- Use social media marketing techniques

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