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11 Careers You Can Get with PHP Development

If you have a knack for programming and php, then php developer careers could be the perfect field for you. There are many php developer careers available in all sizes of firms to suit your needs. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common php developer careers that exist now as well as how much they pay on average!

The first step is to analyze what kind of php developer career best suits your skillset. Do you want something that is primarily focused on development? Or perhaps management or administration? Once you've determined which type is best suited for you, search through our list below:

PHP developer careers for development:

The first example php developer career is the one where you get to do what you love - programming. These php developer careers usually involve working on individual projects in tandem with a team of other developers and designers to generate code, test it out, and implement it. As such, php developer salaries can vary depending upon your experience level and are typically higher than most php developer careers outside of this category (such as support or documentation). The average annual salary range lies somewhere between $72k-$111k per year.

$50K Entry Level Developer/ Junior Programmer Jobs by Salary | Stack Overflow Careers Blog – Learn about entry level jobs like junior programmer at Stack Overflow, and read about entry level php developer careers.

$74K-111k php developer jobs - Stack Overflow Jobs – php developer careers $74k-$111k php developer jobs found in United States of America (US) on

PHP Developer Career Choice:

What To Do If You're Not A Coder or Creative Bloq – Learn what to do if you are not a coder but want php developer career options such as project manager or analyst!

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